About Us


Actually, it's not about us at all...

It’s about founders, entrepreneurs and startups that have been there, learned and survived.

Founder Guide is a compendium of resources to help you survive the startup journey with far fewer battle scars. We help eliminate the knowledge gaps that your team might have by accessing smart courses and curated resources so that you can focus on building and scaling your business.

The startup struggle is real - and so are the countless founders who have chosen this journey before you. Founder Guide provides access to all those lessons learned and the knowledge that can help you move further, faster.

We're not some corporate solution with a gimmicky tagline promising to help startups with an overpriced product. We've actually been there - our own co-founders, and our extended team all have previous founder and startup experience. Add to that our network of founders globally and you have a potent mix of founder knowledge and expertise, all of which we want to share with early-stage startups and founders.

Take a look around, join our founder community and see how we can help. 

Startups can be overwhelming, but the struggle need not be.

For Founders, By Founders.