200 Investor Questions & The Answers

200 Investor Questions & The Answers


Pitching an investor is one of the hardest things a founder will ever do and requires a ton of preparation. This program will give you the tools to have an intelligent conversation.

If you nail your pitch, you have a chance of continuing the conversation and getting funded. If you screw it up, you will likely not be asked back. It's over.

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200 Investor Questions & The Answers is designed to prepare you for any scenario involving presenting to or pitching investors. It is a definitive list of anything you could possibly be asked by an Angel investor or a VC, but it doesn't stop at just listing the questions. It also helps you interpret and respond to increase your chances of success.

Here's what customers are saying about this program:

"The course is outstanding. If a founder goes in there, follows the questions and does the preparation, they'd be in a stellar position to pitch anyone." Ciaran Byrne, San Francisco



-General Introduction

-Pro Tips For Your Initial Meeting With An Investor

-Opening 'Big' Questions

-Your Product

-Market Opportunity

-Customer Acquisition & Marketing

-Customer Development

-Traction & Growth