Pitch Techniques of Successful Founders

Pitch Techniques of Successful Founders


Learn the secrets, tips and tricks of successful pitching


People still talk about elevator pitches as if they haven’t changed in decades. The original elevator pitch dates back to Hollywood studio days, when hopeful screenwriters would ‘accidentally’ find themselves in an elevator with a producer or movie executive and proceed to pitch them their idea.

Times have changed. You need to be able to convey your message in one or two lines, and add color (detail) as necessary. Know what is important to convey and work on simplifying that message in real language. You also need to know how to deal with nerves and read your audience.

It's a lot, but this course can help.

Pitch Techniques of Successful Founders includes:

  • The Importance of Research
  • Craft Your Message
  • Practice More Efficiently
  • Talk About Money
  • Your Technology Is Irrelevant
  • Understand The Problem You're Solving
  • Create A Strong First Impression
  • Connect With Your Audience
  • Breaking The Ice
  • Dealing With Nerves
  • Professional Presentation Tips

REMEMBER: If your pitch doesn’t make a great impression you won’t be invited to the next conversation.

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